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What We Do at Colonique Cleansing in Costa Mesa, CA

Colonique is located in Dr. Mick Hall's Biorestoration Center where you will find other health enhancing modalities. The focus of Dr. Hall's work is detoxification and Colonics are an integral part of his protocols and 35 For Life Program.  You will see the Center's menu of services on the MINDBODY Online scheduler.

 Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle procedure that uses warm purified water to gently assist in eliminating stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon. Many people have between five and fifteen pounds of digested and metabolic waste material trapped inside their colon, and colonic treatments can help to eliminate this unwanted waste. 

Below is a short video with 3 personal stories of how Colonics changed each of their lives for the better along with some practical information. Free consultations are always available and can be booked in the online scheduler.

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Hours 9a-5p PST  -  Appointments and Customer Care: 714.485.2299 - After hours: 949.677.8500
The Water Garden Suites​ - Suite M3 -  3151 Airway Avenue - Costa Mesa - CA 92626   ​

Recommended reasons to have a Colonic 

  • Pre-surgery – We work with several Doctors that prefer their patients have a Colonic prior to surgery! 

  • Post-surgery – To assist in a more rapid removal of residual medications needed before, during and after surgery

  • Constipation – Whether it is chronic or occasional, the warm water used in a Colonic stimulates peristalsis (muscle contraction) helping the colon muscle to stay toned as opposed to flaccid which happens with laxatives.

  • Cleanse Program – It is imperative to quickly move out the loosened and unwanted waste that the Cleanse has created to avoid overburdening your eliminative systems and to minimize cleansing reactions. 

  • Routine Orifice Cleansing – Much like going to the Dentist for you dental hygiene, coming to Coloniqué for your colon hygiene is highly recommended. Everyone is different and different at different times throughout their life, therefore your routine will be determined according to your current need during your appointment.

  • Medications – Constipation and toxicity can be controlled when medications are necessary through colon irrigation. Having a colonic will help to keep you moving during these times. 

  • Overindulgence – Life happens and sometimes we can bog ourselves down with too much of a good thing. Colonics are wonderful choice for correcting the effectives of too much of a good thing. 

  • Immunity –Your digestion actually plays a key role in your natural immunity to diseases. This is because your gut isn’t sterile. It’s actually an entire ecosystem of bacteria and yeast — some beneficial to you, others toxic. Colonics can help to keep this very important eco-system healthy.

  • Your Mood – Your gut is your second brain. Poor digestion can actually cause neurological and psychological disorders. Since major neurotransmitters are plentiful in your gut your digestion directly affects your mood. 

  • Although there are many more reasons to include Colonics as one of your healthy lifestyle choices, these are the more common reasons people seek me out.